Tuesday Software Tools

This page provides individual software packages written originally as part of the Tuesday Software project in source code form.

User Account Tools

Simple and secure implementation of the usual UNIX user account and password management tools.

Version 0.1

February 13, 2021. Initial public release, featuring login, passwd, useradd, usermod, userdel, groupadd, groupdel, and a library for external packages.

Tuesday Software Display Manager

TSDM provides a simple login dialog for X11 built on the Tuesday Software user account tools.

Version 0.2

February 13, 2021. Switch to the Tuesday Software user account tools.

Version 0.1

August 18, 2020. Initial public release, compatible with the shadow password system.

Tuesday Software Package Manager

TSPM provides basic package management. It facilitates installation and removal of packages, but does not interact with a centralized or network-based repository. Packages are stored in .tsp files, which are modified .tar.xz files. It also provides the tar command and several other basic UNIX commands.

Version 6

November 8, 2020. Add the mergpak command to merge TSP files, and the -tf options to control the level of detail of testpak output. Preserve file owner and group information when extracting.

Version 5

September 17, 2020. Remove the bzip2, bunzip2, bzcat, xz, unxz, and xzcat commands in favor of the original versions. Separate the gzip, gunzip, and zcat commands into a separate package. Clean up code. Add the testpak command to list contents of a TSP file, the lspak command to show installed packages, and the despak to list details of an installed package.

Version 4

June 18, 2020. -d option for xz, bzip2, and gzip.

Version 3

May 11, 2020. inspak -f option. Improved error handling. Simplified code.

Version 2

April 17, 2020. More delicately handle errors, especially while overwriting packages. Support CPIO, hard links, and device files.

Version 1.1

February 28, 2020. Fix regression properly storing symlinks when creating archives.

Version 1

February 27, 2020. Initial public release.

Quasar Build System (QBS)

QBS provides infrastructure to control the process of starting a Linux system, and to manage hardware and services.

Version 0.7

February 13, 2021. Ensure a login prompt is started when a TTY is closed.

Version 0.6.1

October 15, 2020. Further startup script bug fixes involving temporary files.

Version 0.6

September 17, 2020. Fix bugs in startup scripts involving temporary files.

Version 0.5

August 18, 2020. Provide a library for other programs to retrieve hardware information from the hardware management infrastructure. Improve signal safety.

Version 0.4

April 17, 2020. Support kernel modules and audio.

Version 0.3

November 16, 2019. Mount by label or UUID. Open a new terminal something other than the login process. Properly synchronize process termination.

Version 0.2

October 17, 2019. Initial public release.


The Tuesday Software version of a standard UNIX command.

Version 2

November 16, 2019. Initial public release.


An implementation of gzip, gunzip, and zcat that, unlike the GNU version, uses the zlib library, which is usually present anyway, for the compression implementation details.

Version 1

September 17, 2020. Initial public release.


You can contact me by email at william (at) haddonthethird (dot) net.