Tuesday Software

Tuesday Software is the label for several projects involving UNIX Operating Systems and related infrastructure.

Tuesday Software Linux

Tuesday Software Linux is a Linux distribution. Tuesday Software Linux is intended to prioritize traditional ordinary desktop and server computing over exotic features. Tuesday Software Linux is designed to reduce software complexity and is not concerned with being similar to or compatible with other Linux distributions.

Version 0.2

November 16, 2019. Release with installer in ISO format and ability to write to optical media.

Version 0.1

October 16, 2019. Initial release featuring basic command-line functionality and the ability to compile itself.

Quasar Build System (QBS)

QBS provides infrastructure to control the process of starting a Linux system, and to manage hardware and services.

Version 0.3

November 16, 2019. Mount by label or UUID. Open a new terminal something other than the login process. Properly synchronize process termination.

Version 0.2

October 17, 2019. Initial public release.


The Tuesday Software version of a standard UNIX command.

Version 2

November 16, 2019. Initial public release.


You can contact me by email at william (at) haddonthethird (dot) net.