A Falling Tetrominoes Game

Chetyre (chetyre (четыре) is Russian for “four”) is an implementation of a popular game involving colored falling tetrominoes that I wrote one weekend because I was bored. The game is written in C and runs in a UNIX text-mode terminal. The source code is available under a BSD-style license. No libraries are used other than the C library. The code will probably compile and run correctly on typical current UNIX systems such as Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. Windows may be more of a challenge. I have also included binaries for Linux on PCs. If you just want to run the program without compiling any code, you want the binary. If you manage to get the code working on a new platform which I have not yet provided a binary for, please send me the binary and any modifications you have made to the code, and I will post them here.

Source Code

To compile: cc -o chetyre chetyre.c


On Linux, after downloading the binary, you need to set it as executable. Do this by cding to the folder you downloaded it to and running chmod +x binary, replacing binary with the name of the file you downloaded. To run, type ./binary, again replacing binary with the name of the file you downloaded. If you want to be able to play just by typing chetyre, run sudo cp binary /usr/bin/chetyre.


You can contact me by email at william (at) haddonthethird (dot) net.